Monday, May 5, 2008

John F by John K (At the toy show)

If you ever have a need for some piece of crap "toys" that are about half as big as your thumb then the toy show in Pasadena was the place to be. I'm not saying that all of them were that lame but many of them were. The things below were what I won from a $15 mystery bag, and they suck! I don't care who gets their feelings hurt when I say this because these things are not "art", they're just lame.

Anyway, one of the actual cool parts about the show was that John K was there and he was doing peoples caricatures. I was about to leave because I didn't want to wait it the looooong line to get my face made fun of by him but I just couldn't resist so I came back and stood in an even BIGGER line than before. Turns out that he brought along the Stimpy I did and so I had my picture taken with the three of us.

I think it's a good likeness dont you:) I told him to make me uglier than I already am so hopefully he succeeded.

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Mitch L said...

LOL crazy caricature.

Great sculpture!