Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sculpting the Unsculptable

So... I like sculpting. I also like to challenge myself, buuuut most of the time whenever I challenge myself I just end up making things really HARD on myself. I guess if the end result is half way decent I count it as a good learning experience.

In this case I really couldn't tell you what the hell I was thinking besides the fact that I'm kind of tired of seeing cool characters sculpted in such BORING positions. For this particular drawing I saw a lot of ambigous things happening like one really skinny leg opposit a "normal" size leg. The arms do kind of the same thing but they're even on different levels! In the actual animation (Stimpy's First Fart) it moves so cool and it's so eye catching you don't notice these irregularities but really, I think thats what makes the drawing so awesome. However, ambiguosity is a difficult thing to sculpt, as well as little details like the practically hair thin leg and arm. Also, the hands dont really have any clear definition of where the fingers are going, especially the one on that really skinny arm
So this was my basic plan, focus on the things that I think look the coolest like the teeth and eyes and wrinkles n' stuff and just match the other things up as best as possible. The REALLY cool thing about doing something like this is that since we can't see what his other sides looke like, I GET TO MAKE THEM UP!

Here is what I came up with in the end;

As you can see in this picture I did my best to line things up like where his left hand (the one on our right) in positioned in relation to the foot. I also tried to match the teeth up the best I could with the pic but I decided to make them a bit bigger because I wanted them to really stand out. The tongue is also bigger as well but it kind of takes up most of the inside of his mouth.

Here are the side views (sorry for the crazy lighting)

And my favorate view! :)

I admit I went a little crazy with the back fat but I think it came out pretty good anyway. Its not often you get do physically mold and polish Stimpy's ass:) Anyway, if anybody reads this let me know what you think. Constructive critiques are always welcome.



Ray Frenden said...

That is flat-out impressive.

Faso said...

Thanks so much man! I really appreciate that:) How did you find my blog? I just linked to yours the other day. Fuckin awesome stuff!

JohnK said...

hey this is great!

Do you have any more?


Faso said...

Definately! I sent them to you a while back butI'm thinking my e-mail messed up or something. I'll just post them here and tell you when they're up:) Let me know what I should sculpt next if you have the time:)

Hryma said...

Great work dude!
It's good to hear your thoughts and ideas behind your process too.

Faso said...

thanks a lot man:) I like your sculpts as well!

Dave Pressler said...

Nice work!
Turning the 2-D into 3-D
Capturing the gesture and character!

Faso said...

Thanks a bunch man, that means a lot when I know an actual professional sculptor likes my work:)