Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thinking of new Sculpts

So here's some more possibilities for new sculptures. I'm thinking I'll do a couple more of these and then go back to my own stuff for a while. I try and pick frame grabs that have a lot of emotion and look cool at the same time. Here they are in no particular order really.

I think any Jones drawing inparticular would be difficult as hell because of his natural quirkiness. I dont think I would ever sculpt this, I just really liked the gag. G-U-N-P-O-W-D-E-R... TOBACCO!!!!
A Tweety that looks like he has terrible gas is awesome. The mouth would be fun to sculpt on this one.

Awesome funny emotion

Bugs doesn't lose it that often but when he does... ohhh man! I love this drawing, this is high on my preference list. Solid form and awesome expression.

This would be pretty awesome too
Another difficult Jones drawing... I think.
I dont know if Rednecks are funnier in real life or cartoons. The cartoons are probably smarter.

Love the teeth on this one

Now THIS would be harder than hell

I love the S curve on the chicken. I also love the old school shoes as well. This is also high on my list.

Another cool curve
This Gremlin is way cool. Melendez?

This would be somewhat easy cause I already have a turnaround! :)

My personal rule of thumb is "assholes are funny". Definately true in this case.
God I love this!! Fritz would NEVER have had tweety bitch-slap a bee!!

I LOVE THIS DAMN RAT!!! I think he's in the #2 slot for sure.

Honestly, this might be my next one. What do you think? I'm still not 100% on it yet.

Ahhh... to sculpt a booger. And a crusty one at that...

Now this one is somewhat low on my list because I think those ribs would be a big pain in the ass.
Just straight out cool.

Well, if I get enough dares on any particular one then well... I guess I'm obligated then aren't I? If I got 10 requensts for one then that would do it for me, any takers?


Thad said...

I'd pay you to do any one of the Swooner Crooner crew for sure!!!

Faso said...

Hey bro, I'll definitely take you up on that if you want to:) You want the Cab Calloway or the Sinatra and the cute chick? You make the call! :)