Friday, November 14, 2008

Hosting My First Open Mic

Well the first open mic at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach(an awesome comic book store) went pretty well I think. I was expecting a few more people but we had 13 sign-ups so it was cool. The pictures I have below don't really do it justice because they were taken at the end of the night when a lot of people had already gone home.
I'm posting this one to remind myself of how fat I've gotten. And the others below are of Aisako doing the same shit as me but without the need to look at the sheet out of being buzzed from the gross Pabst Blue Ribbon the owners bought for us.

All in all it was a good night. We already have the next one planned for December 11th so we're expecting twice the amount for that one. 

I was having some major doubts about doing this thing when it was really coming down to it. I mean, I've only been doing this about 5 months, doesn't that seem a but pretentious? One thing I need to work on though I think is not being such a damn people pleaser. What it really came down to was that I was worried about complete strangers opinions about how I run my life. Fuckin' dumb.

Anyway, I'm not doing an open mic tonight because there aren't really any good ones going on and frankly even if there were I'm too damn tired to do it. I am however doing one tomorrow (Saturday) and gonna try for 3 on Sunday (Comedy Store, Sunset Grill and IO West) cause I gotta get as much time in as I can before my show at the Store on Dec 1st.
Anybody know of a good one on Mondays? 

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