Monday, November 17, 2008


So I go to my 3 open-mics that I do every Sunday and I don't even get to go up at two of them. The only one I got up at was the 10:30 show at IO West. Its really fuckin' irritating when you have to pay up the ass for parking at these places and you don't even get to do your set. I mean, I know I'm super new at this and I have to pay my dues for a while but when it starts hitting my wallet like that it gets pretty damn annoying. Anyway, IO West was pretty cool. My set could have gone better but I was trying some brand new stuff out and I got a couple of laughs with it, so now I know I should work on that material since it got some laughs even when all I had on the material was a couple notes, most of it was just in my head.
The place itself is awesome because from the outside its an absolute piece of shit (see below) and thats the way underground comedy should be.

 As you can see by the picture I took of the dumpsters next door the walls themselves seem like they can give you AIDS. Awesome.
Actually, the thing thats really funny about the place is that the main part of the club is right on Hollywood Blvd, BUT the open-mic is in the herpes infested alley. It really does put you in your place a bit. Oh well, its still fun.

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