Monday, November 17, 2008

My Patton Oswalt Cartoon

So I have to do this assignment for class where we have to animate dialogue and a full-bodied character so I chose a portion of Patton Oswalts KFC Famous Bowls bit. He's one of my favorate comedians so I dont think I'll get sick of hearing the dialogue after a hundred times. My basic plan is to do some sketches from a lot of photos of him(heres a couple below) because I would like to have a character/characature of him in the piece. We'll see how this summbitch goes.

As you can see on this sketch I've done a really cartoony sketch of him to get some proportions I liked, then on the other one I kind of morphed it a lot to make it even cartoonier. I'll probably have to push it even more but thats kind of where I'm at right now. 
The thing about this is that Patton really isn't that chubby. I'm probably more chubby than he is but I am trying to create a caricature of him hence the major deviation from the pictures.

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