Monday, December 1, 2008

No Hot Dogs

So last night was Sunday so I tried to do three open mics. I took a nap and slept too long for The Comedy Store so that was out. I did go up at the Sunset Grill which is bitter sweet (mostly bitter though) because although I tried out all new material there were only about six of us there and performing for five other comics is pretty damn lame. Eventually I make my way to IO West and it was canceled for the night. LAAAAME. So a bunch of us just walked to this place called The Piano Bar where we bitched about other comics we hate, so that was pretty fun. But wait! My real night started when we left and I get back to my car only to realize that I've lost my keys. I was freaking out and I went back to Piano Bar where a couple of the comedian stragglers were still packing up to leave and they helped me look for them. I swear I was about half an inch away from shitting my pants. So I call AAA and while I'm waiting for them at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar I noticed something horrific. THIS!

This massive center for Scientology is so damn big I've never even seen it! I guess the thing is that like every other weird thing in Hollywood you know you've seen it out of the corner of your eye but you've learned not to pay attention anymore. Anyway, so the AAA guy comes and opens my car in about five seconds and we find my keys on the center console. 

So now I go to Pinks Hot Dogs on La Brea on my way home because I've found that the only/best time to go there without having to wait an hour in line is to go there Sunday at midnight.

But then I find out when I get to the counter that they only take cash, of which I had none on me. Lame again! Oh well, tonight is my show at the Comedy Store. Wish me luck all you people who don't read this blog:)


Pocket Full of Brandie said...

how did your comedy store show go?? i did a bringer last friday ngiht and ATE it. ugh. oh. this is brandie btw!! hi!!

Faso said...

Hey Brandie!! It went pretty alright. It started out weak but I ended strong so thats good. I just got my camera back from Aisako tonight so I can finally write a post about it. Sorry yours didn't go so well:( I know it sounds cheesy but there will be so many others ahead that it totally doesn't even matter. When is your next bringer show? I'm trying to get about six of us comics together to form a super bringer-group so whenever any one of us has a show then we know that the others will go. I think that would be kick ass:)