Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Check out this dump

So a lot has happened since the last post. My show at the Belly Room 
went fine first of all, I started out kind of weak but I ended strong so thats always good. Since then I've done two other shows at this Place called the Aura Night Club
 in Studio City (and another this coming saturday). They were okay but what I'm really excited about is the show I have coming up January 25th at the Melrose Improv! Doing this place was one of my goals along this weird stand-up journey thing so I'm pretty happy about that. 
The reason I've been absent from this blog for a while is because I've been insanely busy moving out of my last apartment(these were taken from my balcony my last night there. Oh how I miss that view!)

which also happened to be during finals week, so that sucked BIG time. I have another place that I know I'm moving to at the beginning of the year (with 3 other roommates, crap-tastic) but until then I'm having to sleep on my parents floor, under a table, at a retirement home. Its horrible man I'm telling you. It's like, yeah technically I love my parents but that doesn't mean I want to be around them. At all. 

Anyway on to the cool stuff. A while back I met this other comedian Ian Edwards
 whose really well known in the L.A. comedy scene, and we're collaborating on a side project which I cant mention but rest assured if/when it happens its gonna be fuckin' awesome. I also try to pick his comedy brain whenever I can too so its all a pretty sweet deal. He also introduced me to Faizon Love (Big Perm from Friday!) when we were hanging out at the Comedy Store a couple days ago. Also, we were walking out of the Laugh Factory the night before and Paulie Shore pulled up and yelled out to Ian "why don't you go to a real comedy club?!". Obviously he was joking around with him cause they know each other (although I think there is some bad blood between the Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory since Paulie Shores mom owns the Store) but it was cool to see him cause I was a huge fan of his back in the day. 

Today was a cool day at work cause I got to play Santa.

I was actually really surprised at how many kids still believe in Santa, I thought they were all pretty jaded by now. Anyway, I'm probably going to meet Ian at the store again tonight so if anything particularly cool happens I'll keep you posted. Happy holidays everyone!

OH! I almost forgot, here are a couple pictures I took while walking on Sunset Blvd. a couple nights ago when I had some time to kill before one of Ian's gigs.  Here's the National Lampoon headquarters! I'm not really sure what they do anymore but I thought it was cool. 
Here's Abbots Habbit,
they had an open mic there that recently stopped existing. This was a good one to go to because you had A LOT of weirdos come in. This place is also a couple doors down from Meltdown Comics, a huge comic book store I wonder into when I have time to kill. But I only get my comics at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach where they graciously host our open mic.

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