Thursday, January 29, 2009

our last comic bug!

Heres some stuff from our last open mic at the comic bug. This thing just gets better and more fun each time. We had a great turnout of both comics and audience members.

Heres me at some point during the night. Which means I'm not sure what number beer that was. It must have been later because all of a sudden when we ran out of bottles some Budweiser cans appeared. Don't you love when that happens?

Heres Aisako about to bring up the next comic.

These two below are of Kjall (sorry I dont have his last name in front of me) and Chris Fairbanks. A couple professional comics that graced our humble carpeted imaginary stage.

More comics.

Me and the co-owner Mike. Come down for the next one and watch the both of us get progressively drunk throughout the night!

Two more of Aisako. As you can see we are DEFINITELY in the back of a comic book store.

We even got the stores intern to come up and do her very first impromptu stand-up session:)
All in all good times.
Good times.

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