Saturday, January 17, 2009

And the World Keeps Spinning...

last night I got a call from my mom at midnight (January 16th) that my dad had passed away. I'm still not exactly sure whats happening now, or why I'm telling some imaginary people who i think could actually be reading this blog, i just felt like i had to write this out. weird. my dad was always old, meaning my parents had me WAY late in their lives so in a weird way I've been preparing for this moment my whole life. i mean, when i was born just two days later my dad turned 60! i guess all i can say about it now is that my dad made me the man i am today. not the lazy glutenous parts though. but its because of him that I'm an artist, because he was one as well. but i do think i got my sense of humor because of him. hell, the biggest reason i fell in love with stand-up comedy at such a young age (about 10 or so) was because when we would all drive to Vegas in the late 80's/early 90's my dad would always make it a point to being me to the Vegas Improv at the Flamingo. yeah, that's definitely when I was bit by that bug. its weird when someone passes away. in my dads case all that's really left behind is some pictures and a couple of cool lighters he had engraved with his initials "JF" (we have the same name by the way). so as cheesy as this might sound i now know fully something I've always known which is that its not WHAT we leave behind, its HOW we left it. meaning the impressions we leave, the marks we leave on life's pavement. the marks that say "goddamn it I was here. and don't you forget it". hopefully those marks are pleasant for those we leave them for, and my dad left some pretty nice ones. right now I'm feeling a lot of different things at once. I'm sad he didn't live to see me gain success or to see his grand kids, but i do think he was happy with the man i became. he better have anyway, I'm practically just like him. shit look at me, is it bad I'm making jokes? but honestly, i think he'd be laughing at that one.

Its now been a week since he passed away and I wrote the stuff above. Its been a weird week but all is well. I have lots more to say but for now I just want to put this out into a world that will probably never see it. Thank you.
John Faso Jr.


Pocket Full of Brandie said...

hey john,

i check in every once in a while to see whats up, im so sorry to hear about your father passing. i hope you are doing alright. i havent lost a parent, but my grandmother was like a second (and in some ways better) mother to me, and when i lost her a few years ago it was a hard blow. my thoughts are with you buddy, see you around the open mics.

-brandie posey

Faso said...

Thanks so much Brandie. Yeah its hard but its more weird than hard. Does that make sense? I'm definitely not taking it as hard as my mom is thats for sure. I'm just glad he doesn't have to suffer anymore. Anyway, yeah I haven't seen you around a lot, how have you been? Thanks Brandie!

Pocket Full of Brandie said...

I understand the weirdness, especially since you don't live at home anymore it doesn't seem necessarily real. I'm going to be around a lot more often now, I've been out of town with my own family stuff and whatnot... but I'm actually co-hosting the Spot Cafe open mic now with Tamra Brown, and after next Wednesday I'm going to be hitting up the open mics a lot more frequently... just gotta get some work bs outta the way first.

Faso said...

No way! Thats so cool! Like host it indefinitely? Yeah I need to hit up more open mics during the week. I thought I was doing ok for a bit but after my set at the Westside Eclectic last night I found I need A LOT more practice.